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Приложение камера с большими глазами

iVisit, a audio and video conferencing company, is showing off an interesting technology using mobile phones that act as virtual eyes to help visually challenged users.

The technology called SeeScan allows users to point their cellphones at an object and have it identified in real-time. For instance users can point a phone at a at a can of Coke or a pack of frosted flakes or a bottle of shampoo and have the name of it read loud to them near-instantaneously.

The concept known as augmented reality, or a field that blends real world and computer generated data, is something companies are increasingly focusing on.

SeeScan though works only with packaged goods including currency but what’s interesting to see is how iVisit has been able to make real-time object recognition work with a mobile processor.

There are approximately 11.4 million people with vision loss in the United States, ten percent of who are legally blind, says iVisit. The company claims it has tested the prototype with about 30 visually impaired users.

iVisit plans to release beta versions of the service in the U.S. later this year. The company says it will be available on major 3G networks and Windows Mobile phones including HTC 6800 (Mogul), HTC Flip, HTC Touch, HTC 6700, Samsung i760,Treo 700 Wx and LG Dominator. iVisit says it is working on Symbian and iPhone versions.

Click on the video to a demo of the SeeScan technology.

[via Daily Mobile Blog]

Источник: http://www.wired.com/2009/04/mobile-tech-see/